Are you stressed? Do you want to manage your weight; feel good; have more energy; need that ‘extra’ support to achieve these? Are you curious about ‘plant-based eating’, need ideas on ‘plant-based’ foods? Or do you want to learn those healthy eating habits to prevent diabetes and blood pressure?

Every day, several times a day, you make food choices that impact your body’s health for better or worse. Every day’s food choices will only impact on your health marginally, but when this is repeated over years on end the consequences can become major. The human body is such an amazing system and derives all its energy, structural materials and regulating agents we require from the foods we eat. So what are you waiting for? Come and see our Nutritionist to help you make healthier eating and lifestyle choices.

Dr Jyothsna (pronounced as Josna) Rao, is a University- qualified, evidence-based Nutritionist, who can help with gut health, and has a special interest in managing pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, gestational diabetes, PCOS and fatty liver using food – ‘whole foods with more plant-based choices’.

Jyothsna believes in healthy eating with an emphasis on preventative health. She will support YOU as you make the changes by focusing on YOUR preferences, cultural background, lifestyle, goals and needs.

Jyothsna completed a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition from Deakin University which followed a PhD from Department of Physiology, Monash University. Her thesis focused on cellular changes in obesity and type 2 diabetes. She was a nutrition science lecturer for three years prior to starting a practice. Currently, she is teaching anatomy and physiology to undergraduate nutrition students. She maintains her professional development by attending seminars, conferences and undertaking short-term courses.

Days available: Tuesday (9:30am – 2:00pm); Thursday (9:30am-4:30pm); Friday (9:30am-2:00pm). After-hours appointment available upon request.

Consulting Fees:
Initial Consult 1 hour: $120
Follow-up Consult 45min: $80
Long term Consult: $320 which is as follows:
- 1x 60 minute initial consult;
- 4x 30-min follow-up consults
- 2x free 30min follow-up consults

To make a direct booking with Jyothsna (Telehealth only) call 0421 555 851 or email